Rolled my ankle playing basketball last night. It’s now strapped and I’m chillin’ with an icepack and my foot up. When discussing first aid with my partner, we spoke of elevation – which prompted her to dial up a song of that name by U2. I followed it with one by Television.

The incident has reminded me of a dream I had some 18 or so years ago, which I’ve flicked through my journals just now trying to find. I’ll post the details here if I find them – I seem to recall it involves an American Indian warrior and a white horse. Maybe the horse fell on me and injured my foot or arm… yet I was helped out of the situation quite easily and somehow the Indian and I communicated, perhaps without words but with the raising of single hands, palms out in mutual acknowledgement.

Post Script: some hours after posting this entry, through some chain of events I decided to take my first ever listen of an album called “Lost and Safe” by The Books and was amused by the lyrics:

“Oh. He’s in the middle of putting things together and organizing himself / You do not need to stand on one foot”.



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